Nissan X-Trail Review

Nissan X-Trail 2008 - 2014

NCAP Rating 3 / 5

The second generation car is slightly larger than the first, a result of the introduction of the family-friendly Qashqai model.

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Nissan Qashqai Review

Nissan Qashqai 2007 -

NCAP Rating 5 / 5

Compared to the conventional hatchbacks the Qashqai was up against, it really was a breath of fresh air in the segment. Ever since, rival manufacturers have done their best to catch up, but the original is still one of the best.

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Nissan Micra Review

Nissan Micra 2002 - 2010

NCAP Rating 4 / 5

If you’re in the market for a Nissan Micra this recently replaced model is the car to go for. Better to drive, of better quality and more attractively styled inside and out it’s a far more convincing supermini choice than its newer relation. A sensible used small car for savvy buyers.

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Nissan Almera Review

Nissan Almera 2000 - 2006

NCAP Rating 4 / 5

You’re never likely to get overly excited by Nissan’s Almera, but if you’re after sensibly priced transport that’s uncomplicated and sure to be reliable then you could do a lot worse. Plentiful choice is useful too, though a Ford Focus is more interesting to drive.

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