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How to sell your car?

Selling your car is a tough task and your car needs to stand out over others. There are several rules to remember that will maximise your advert's impact and ensure you sell your car quickly and with minimum fuss.

Price it right | Sell my car | Carzone

1. Price it right

A quick check on Carzone to see what similar cars are selling for is a good place to start. It pays to know the market and remember, although haggling is part of the process, don't set your advertised price too far above your minimum.

Clean your car | Sell my car | Carzone

2. Clean your car

Give your car a basic wash and clean inside before taking any photos and when someone is coming to view the car. It's important to pay attention to the interior, especially if it's a family car subjected to sticky-fingered children or pets.

Fix small issues | Sell my car | Carzone

3. Fix any small issues

Things like stone chips or kerbed alloy wheels can really let down a car's appearance but are usually cheap and easy to fix. If the tyre thread is running low consider replacing them, and make sure all fluids (oil, water, screen wash) are topped up.

Photos | Sell my car | Carzone

4. Photos

You can place up to 20 images on your Carzone advert. Adverts with 20 photos get four times more views than adverts with only 5 photos. Take photos of the outside and interior of the car, as well as close-up photos of features such as the wheels, lights, sound system and more.

Be Professional | Sell my car | Carzone

5. Be professional

Expect questions, either over the phone, email or in person. Make sure you have the facts correct - when does the tax run out and how many owners has it had? Never leave the buyer alone with the car and its keys either and turn the engine off if swapping drivers on a test drive.

The final deal | Sell my car | Carzone

6. The final deal

Make sure you are happy with the method of payment as well, be it cash on collection, cheque or bank transfer. Ensure all funds have cleared before you release the car Fill in the official paperwork, send off the relevant parts and inform your insurance company that the car is sold.