How to buy or sell a car safely

Scam Email and Texts Currently in Circulation

We have been made aware of an email being sent to our customers containing a fraudulent link that leads to a fake version of the log-in page. The content of the email is as follows - Congratulations, You have a request from Thomas Livingston to buy your Ad. Click Here to view your request.

Please be aware that we would not ask you to, or advise you to, log into your account via a link and no genuine interested buyer has any legitimate reason to send you a link of any kind or to ask you to contact them at a direct email address. If you have already logged into your account via the link you will need to change your account password ASAP. In addition, if you use the same password to log into any other accounts - such as your email or PayPal accounts, for example - you should change those passwords also, ensuring that you do not use the same password for multiple accounts in future.