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Terms and Conditions: Valuation strictly for guidance purposes. Estimated value will depend on condition, specification, market demand and various other criteria.

Things that may affect the value of your car

Together with our partners Cartell, we use data from thousands of Carzone's live and historic stock to calculate the estimated market value of a car. Carzone car valuations are recommended for guidance purposes only. We use details such as the year and mileage to work out the approximate market value, however there are many other factors that may impact the car’s value including the following.


Car condition

The prices we provide are based on the car being in good condition, with minimal wear and tear. If a car has no damage and has been well maintained, it will be worth more than a car with scratches, dents or damage.


Service history

A car that has a full-service history from a trusted dealership, will be worth more than a car with no service history or track record of maintenance. Similarly, an up to date NCT certificate and motor tax disc can raise the car’s value.


Outstanding issues

If there is a part not working or a fault with the engine or electrical systems, it will negatively affect the price of the car. Before selling a car, it is recommended to fix any outstanding issues.


Previous owners

The number of previous owners can impact the overall value. A car with one or two previous owners may have a stronger resale value than a car that has had many owners.


Additional car extras

Optional extras such as parking sensors, satellite navigation or leather seats can add to the overall value of your car and make it stand out from others.

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