Renault Twizy Review

Renault Twizy 2013

Our Rating 2.5 / 5

We were not expecting it but the Renault Twizy is genuinely good fun to drive and offers urbanites something out of the norm when it comes to transport.

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Renault Clio Review

Renault Clio 2013

Our Rating 4 / 5

Renault's Clio supermini needs little introduction, and now the fourth generation of the evergreen hatchback is on sale in Ireland. What's new?

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Renault Fluence Review

Renault Fluence 2013

Our Rating 3 / 5

Renault facelifts the Fluence saloon. Does it still hold the appeal it did during scrappage?

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Renault Megane Review

Renault Megane 2010

Our Rating 4 / 5

If this car was a €25,700 car then it would probably get a 6 or 7 out of ten but the fact is that it is much easier to access this car for an awful lot less and that makes it a real bargain. The Grand Mégane, for me anyway is the best car in the Mégane range too.

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