Carzone Grand Tour Ep.1 - The Great Electric Road Trip

We took the new BMW i5 all-electric on a road trip from along the coast of Ireland from Dunmore East to Dingle Co. Kerry.

Have you ever wondered if an electric car is suitable for a road trip? The new BMW i5 M60 claims a range of 500 km on a single charge, prompting Carzone to put it to the test on an adventurous journey from Dunmore East in Co. Waterford to Dingle in Co. Kerry.

Our journey not only put the BMW i5 M60's range to the test but also allowed us to explore its impressive array of features. We delved into the car's performance, comfort, and advanced technology while also examining the charging infrastructure along Ireland's southern coast.

In addition to the scenic drive, we visited two of Ireland's largest BMW dealerships: Bolands BMW in Waterford and Kearys BMW in Cork. At these stops, we gathered expert insights and a closer look at what makes the new BMW i5 a standout in the electric vehicle market.


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