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Motor retailer performance improvement

RPM is a new online performance improvement centre for retailers made in conjunction with our UK based partners, Auto Trader. Complete with bitesize masterclasses, these masterclasses will help you to analyse and improve your business profitability across the automotive ecosystem; from sourcing the right stock, to live market pricing and expertly advertising your stock.

It’s available on demand, 24/7 and completely free of charge.

Module 1 - Strategy builder

(Duration: 26 mins)

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The basis of building your strategy involves analysing and detailing 4 key metrics including stock turn, average days to turn, costs per stock day and breakeven day. Once calculated, any improvement in any of these metrics will improve your business profitability.

1.1 Strategy builder introduction

In this module, the benefits of building a clear business strategy are outlined.

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1.2 Stock turn

As we build our strategy, this video discusses how to analyse your stock turn and what it means for your business.

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1.3 Average days to sell

Having outlined your average stock turn, this video shows how to calculate your average days to sell per vehicle.

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1.4 Costs per stock day

Next in our strategy builder, we analyse how much it's costing you to stock vehicles in your business per day.

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1.5 Breakeven day

The final step is understanding your breakeven day per vehicle, a day when a used car will no longer make a profit.

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1.6 Strategy summary

With your strategy builder complete, it's time to put these calculations into practice to begin maximising profits.

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Module 2 - Lead management

(Duration: 37 mins)

Module 3 - Advertising your stock online

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Trends in the Irish motoring industry

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trends in the Irish Motoring Industry.

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