The all-new Golf

The Golf is a worldwide icon in the motor industry and beyond. It is the car we grew up with and the car we wanted when we grew up. It appeals to all ages, from 18 – 80, and all types of people and life stages.

The all-new Golf is the eighth iteration from Volkswagen and it is the most comfortable, intelligent and connected Golf yet. Discover some of the key features below or you can also set up an enquiry with your preferred Volkswagen retailer.

The all-new Golf

Evolution on the outside: Bold, Sportier Exterior

The all-new Golf showcases a refreshed exterior, with intricately designed headlights and a wider profile, alongside superior technology to give you a hatchback in a class of its own.

The Golf has a dynamic design featuring a low-slung front end with narrow Matrix LED headlights in four-eye styling, complemented by the revamped Volkswagen logo. The new rear end is dominated by the equally narrow tail light clusters, with the new logo and straight Golf lettering mounted between them. The exhaust pipes disappear subtly under the rear diffuser.

LEDs in a new light

The Golf comes with LED headlights as standard. Visually they appear to slide down into the low-slung front end, while extending into the wings at the side. Integrated front fog lights are also fitted as standard.

IQ.Light Matrix LED Headlights

The IQ.LIGHT Matrix LED headlights with advanced main-beam control, which automatically adjust the light distribution to suit the traffic situation, are available as an optional extra. They allow the user to drive on full beams the whole time without blinding other drivers on the road allowing for maximum vision.


Revolution on the inside: Interior Digital Revolution

The interior of the all-new Golf has to be seen to be believed. It features revolutionary new technology and personalisation options to make every drive safer and more enjoyable.

The Digital Driver’s Display instrument cluster comes with a high-resolution 25.4-cm (10-inch) colour display as standard to show you the information that’s important for you.

Innovision Cockpit – using the Digital Driver’s Display instrument cluster paired with the 25.4-cm (10-inch) Discover Media or Discover Pro navigation system. The huge screen on the navigation system is used to display a range of functions with striking graphics and animations – just like your smartphone. You can even personalise the home screen with photographs and favourite features.

Revolution on the inside: Interior Digital Revolution

Natural Voice control - You can use the intuitive voice control to operate the radio, telephone, air conditioning system and navigation unit in your Golf with your voice. The system even recognises which person in the car made the command and acts accordingly. For example, if the front passenger says ‘Hey Volkswagen, I’m cold’, the Golf will increase the air conditioning temperature for that area of the cabin

Head-up-Display - The main advantage of the head-up display in your Golf is that you can keep an eye on the most important information while watching the road ahead. It projects key information directly onto the windscreen such as speed limit or sat-nav directional arrows so you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Engine Efficiency & Diversity: Power, redefined

The all-new Golf comes with the broadest range of engine options in its class. Choose from the new mild-hybrid eTSI engines, our responsive petrol TSI engines, our most efficient-ever diesel TDI engines, or genuine, emission-free driving options with the all-new Golf Plug-in Hybrid engines.

eTSI Hybrid

The all-new Golf is Volkswagen’s first model to feature the eTSI engine with mild-hybrid technology. The eTSI with mild hybrid technology is a significant new feature that allows greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions compared to its petrol equivalent.

Engine Efficiency & Diversity: Power, redefined

Ground breaking Technology

The all-new Golf features Volkswagen’s most advanced connectivity and travel assist systems to keep you safer on the road.

Car2X: The Car2X communicates wirelessly with other Car2X enabled vehicles on the road to provide you with the most up to date traffic information. When you’re stuck in heavy traffic, it uses the information it receives to detect when the end of the jam is coming up and readies the car’s Adaptive Cruise Control.

Travel Assist: Travel Assist is an extremely practical driver assist system. At the touch of a button, it ensures driving comfort* by providing assistance in monotonous and tiring driving situations, such a traffic jams.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) helps you to maintain a pre-set maximum speed and keeps your distance from the vehicle ahead.