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The ID.4

Electricity keeps you ahead

Whether it's short daily trips you need or a weekend trip to the other side of Ireland - it's no problem with the ID.4. The 1st and 1st Max are both available with the 77 kWh battery which allows single charge range of 360 - 520km (range depends on multiple factors such as weight, speed, weather conditions and driving style amongst others).

Charge and go

The advantage of electric vehicles: charging is possible almost anywhere. At home, you charge with alternating current (AC charging) via a household outlet or with an optional ID. Charger, providing a charging capacity of up to 7.2 kW or 11 kW. Many public charging stations at filling stations and motorways also offer fast charging with direct current (DC charging).

The ID.4


Full speed ahead

Every red traffic light becomes a new oppportunity where you can experience a completely new kind of driving pleasure. The electric motor of the ID.4 accelerates dynamically from a standstill with instant torque. For example, the Pro Performance-based models with 150 kW system power can take you from 0 to 100 km/h in only 8.5 seconds. No shifting, no delay – just drive off and experience the pure thrill.



This car sounds new

How quiet an electric car is depends entirely on the vehicle. To make road traffic safer, when driving speeds of up to 30 km/h, your ID.4 can be heard a little more clearly outside thanks the the ID. e-Sound. This makes it more noticeable for pedestrians. The futuristic sound emphasises its visionary identity and simultaneously provides an artificially generated vehicle noise for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.



Exterior - function in its most beautiful form

An urban SUV with a fantastic design concept combined with the turning circle of a compact car: the ID.4 shows how attractive electric mobility can be. With perfectly shaped 18 inch or optional 19 to 21 inch alloy wheels, a roof railing for additional luggage, recessed door handles for improved aerodynamics, optional 3D LED tail light clusters with dynamic turn signals and another very special highlight: an optional light line that extends to the front and rear to the newly designed Volkswagen logo.

Interior - welcome to open space

The interior of the ID.4 is intelligently and spaciously designed so that it offers you and your passengers an impressive sense of space. You notice this the moment you get in: plenty of legroom, a large centre console and comfortable seats, optionally available with electric adjustment and memory function. This is rounded out by a central touch display of up to 30.5 cm (12 inches) together with a multifunction steering wheel featuring touch operation and vibration feedback. The background ambient lighting in your chosen colours emphasises the spacious lounge atmosphere. You can also enjoy a relaxed ride enhanced by the optional tilting and sliding panoramic roof.

Background lighting - light for almost any mood

Give your ID.4 more personality. Choose from ten standard colours (30 colours are available as an option) and gently illuminate the interior. This includes the dash panel, the mobile phone holder and the doors. Whether cooler or warmer lighting – it’s your choice.



Panoramic sunroof - heavenly views

With a huge glass panel that stretches over the entire width of the roof, the optional panoramic sunroof is an eye-catching feature in itself. Even more appealing: an unobstructed view of the sky above. The tinted glass also ensures pleasant temperatures in the vehicle. The sun blind protects you against strong sunshine. You can even control the sun blind using extremely convenient voice controls. Say “Hello ID., show me the stars” and the sun blind opens.

Augmented Reality Head-up Display - pioneering navigation

In the ID.4, you can keep an eye on the important things. The optional Augmented Reality Head-up Display projects important information directly onto the windscreen in your field of vision. Thanks to augmented reality technology, you can see the navigation information on the road, exactly where you have to drive or turn off. You always reach your destination with less stress and without your eyes leaving the road.

ID. Light - illuminating communication

Using the ID. Light, your ID.4 also communicates visually and helps you to get through traffic with even less stress. The car welcomes you and translates instructions from your infotainment and assist systems into light signals that guide you through the traffic more easily. As soon as you use the voice control, ID. Light responds to your voice. And when you get out of the ID.4, the ID. Light bids you farewell – with light signals.

Voice Assistant - say "Hello" to your ID.4

Avoid getting distracted by buttons or switches while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and easily control the radio, the navigation system or your phone using intuitive voice commands. Just say “Hello, ID.” and the system will understand you.


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