New Renault ZOE

The launch of the third generation all-electric Renault ZOE after just seven years since it was first released shows the dedication of the Renault Group to continue to develop its 100% electric driving options.

The new Renault ZOE is said to be more powerful and desirable than ever before. Its assertive design gives it even more character and offers a wide range of high-tech equipment serving both the driving comfort and the on-board experience.

Design: An Assertive Character

Relatively short the new ZOE’s completely redesigned form contributes to the overall dynamism of the car. Structured around precise shapes, it complements the other developments made to the front section and showcases the car’s more distinct character. The new side air intakes, shaped like gills, improve the circulation of air flow in the front of the car and contribute to New ZOE’s aerodynamic quality.

Full LED headlights on all versions of the ZOE feature the bright C-shape of all new Renault models. In addition to giving the car a bolder look, these new headlights significantly improve visibility for the driver.

There are a total of 9 colour shades which includes Celadon Blue, Flame Red and Quartz White. These shades correspond perfectly to the nature of this dynamic 100% electric vehicle and fit in with options for customized rims.

Design: An Assertive Character

A high-tech and premium interior

An interior revolution with redesigned dashboard, refined finishing’s, new technology, more storage and available with 100% recycled seat fabric that combines comfort and respect for the environment.

The New ZOE introduces a 10-inch driver’s display, available right from entry-level specifications, with definition and functions that are unparalleled in the segment. It also hosts a 9.3-inch touch-screen multimedia display that extends across the center console gives access to all the navigation and entertainment services.

There are two cup holders located below the e-shifter to hold thermoses, bottles and cans. As for the smartphone space, it offers wireless inductive charging (as an option).

A high-tech and premium interior

ZOE goes further and further

The New ZOE has a Z.E. 50 battery which takes its range up to 395 kilometers on the WLTP*. It now also offers fast direct current charging, an addition to the alternating current charging options already available at home or on the street.

The New ZOE conceals its charging socket behind the diamond decorating its grill. The charging hatch now houses Combo plug (CCS) slightly larger than the previous plug. The central position of the socket facilitates connections, especially on public charging stations which have their own cable.

Thanks to The Chameleon Charger™ that is unique to Renault, the ZOE is compatible with various power sockets and sources, providing you with a range of charging options. The result? Minimised charging times and maximised flexibility.

ZOE goes further and further

There are four easy ways to charge:

At home: Charge your ZOE quickly by installing the 7.4-kW Wallbox*. When connected using the mode 3 cable that comes with your vehicle, you can charge from 0 to 100% in 9 hours and 25 minutes.

* The Wallbox home charging station must be installed by an approved professional.

At work: A growing number of businesses are installing electric charging points for their employees. Charge your ZOE on arrival at work!

On the network of public charging points: With the standard Caméléon™ charger, get up to 100% battery life in 3 hours at the 22-kW charging points in shopping centres, city centre car parks or on public roads.

On the motorway: Planning a weekend getaway? Don't waste any more time! With the new DC charger, 30 minutes is all your ZOE needs to recover up to 150 km of driving range at a fast charging point. Time for a coffee!

There are four easy ways to charge:

New Renault ZOE Price & Models

Trim/ModelMotor TaxRetail Price
Play R110 Z.E. 50€120€26,990
Iconic R110 Z.E. 50 €120€28,990
Iconic R110 Z.E. 50 - CCS Rapid Charge€120€29,740
Iconic R135 Z.E. 50 - CCS Rapid Charge€120€30,990
GT Line R135 Z.E. 50 - CCS Rapid charge€120€31,990