Buy a used car with peace of mind - use Cartell to check the car's history now.

Carzone are delighted to have partnered with Ireland’s market leader in Car History Checking, Launched in May 2006, Cartell introduced the car history check to help consumers and dealers make an informed and secure choice when purchasing a used vehicle.

The Cartell Car Check allows users to discover the complete history of all Irish and UK vehicles. Cartell use a vast number of sources including the government and multiple key players in the motor industry resulting in delivering the most accurate information.

A Cartell Check will alert for Insurance Write-Offs, Outstanding Finance, Mileage Discrepancies, Imported Vehicles, plus much more. Allowing the recipient to make a more educated decision regarding purchasing a vehicle, and possibly avoiding a major hindrance.

Cartell works closely with Government services and other sectors to establish, verify and record the history on a vehicle.

NOTE: 1 in 3 Cartell Checks show an undesirable alert, always find out the car’s history.

  • Write-Off Alert - Insurance alerts via MIAFTR (Category A, B, C and D Write-Offs) Exclusive to Cartell.
  • Outstanding Finance Alert - Verified results direct from each finance house.
  • Mileage Alert - Verify Mileages on Ireland’s largest database, the NMR.
  • Import Alert - Discover whether an Irish car has a UK History.
  • Full UK History - Cartell’s partnership with HPI UK allows for the most detailed UK vehicle data.
  • No. of Owners - Learn how many previous owners the car has had.
  • Dates of Sale - Find out when the car changed hands and the type of sale e.g. Private or Garage/Trade.
  • NCT & Tax Dates - Comb through the NCT & Tax Payment Data.
  • VIN Verification - Verify the VIN upon completion of a Cartell Check.
  • Vehicle Details - Engine number, C.C., Power, Body, Number of Doors and much more.

No company in Ireland has access to An Garda Síochána stolen files and whilst Cartell are working hard with An Garda Síochána for the release of this data, we advise not to be mis-sold data which contains a stolen vehicle check.

Our Business - Your Protection

Cartell is a totally independent and wholly owned Irish company. Over the years Cartell has become a key player in protecting the entire motor industry. Providing tailored vehicle intelligence data to insurers, financiers, parts suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, and all sectors of the industry. Supplying data to European countries such as; UK & Ireland, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands and Malta.