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137 customer reviews

3.9 out of 5
Junxi Huo5 months ago

I would rate a 5 star customer service and a professional service in the repair centre, Diarmuid is one of the best manager in Joe duffy in airside I must say, Not only did he resolve my issues in a professional lever well mannered , and did more than he could which I didn't expect. Not only did they fix my car lock in no time, gave my car a health check but also vacuumed ,washed polished my car, even the wheels =), I am more than satisfied, great communication, great service, Great people. Thank you again Joe Duffy in Air side!!!

Terry Allen2 months ago

Used these a few times always mad money, you expect to pay a premium price and that’s fair if the service is premium but that is not the case. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing here. I have had to bring my car back several times with the issues not been resolved properly and service light still on the car etc. The final straw was when I booked my car in with the filter light gone red to be told on the phone it would be minimum €1500 to fix. I had the problem fixed somewhere else for a third of this price. I rang to tell them this and was told I don’t know who told you that but I understand. Later that day I got a voicemail to ask why I had not turned up, I give up. My advice is to shop around to save on money and service.

Mick Dempseya week ago

By far the worst parts department i’ve ever come across. They haven’t a clue what they’re doing. I ordered a part, was told it will be 2 days. Paid for the part up front to be told 2 days later it’s on back order and they can’t tell me when it’s in. Asked for a refund and they said they’ll get back to me tomorrow. Very disappointed as they used to be great

Rafael Cruz2 weeks ago

Worst experience I've had in my life was buying a Land Rover there. Car has less than 2 years, was at the garage for 6 times already to sort both EV and mechanical problems. Everytime it breaks it's 3-4 weeks at their garage and the same problem keeps happening again. The story they always tell is that "there's a software update to be applied". Clearly that's not the issue, but I can't seem to know the issue for sure as they don't provide me with the paperwork with the description with what was done in the car. Just to add, I bought the car new 21/2, first owner, less than 20000km as I only use to go from home to the office. Completely disappointed. Edit: No replacement car was provided to cover me during the time my car is at the garage and they gave me the suggestion of "driving my car (that was clearly without any conditions of driving) outside of dealership down the lane and call for a tow so I could get a rental car sorted".

l ga month ago

WHAT A VERY DISAPPOINTING EXPERIENCE! My friends side lights on her Landrover were not switching off. So she decided to take it over to Joe Duffy in airside as they are the main dealer. She was in a very vulnerable position as her Father had just passed away and she needed the car for obvious reasons. They informed her that the car required a new switch which they would have to order in having no emphasis or idea time wise. She had prior to this discussed her immediate position with the sales rep etc. His only interest was to inform her of the cost of the part which was outrageous to say the least €467 not to mention labour on top of that then shoving an invoice at her requesting all her details . At this stage I said she will need to think on that. She relied on the car and needed to travel down the country to be her Mum. I called my Machanic who understood the position she was in he called to her home fixed the problem within 15 mins on his computer. The computer in the car simply needed to be reset no new Parts Required. The cost to reset including call out €80 all in. The car is now running perfect no issues with side lights or anything else and NO THANKS TO JOE DUFFY AIRSIDE! I take a very Dim view of ripping vulnerable people off.

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