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Conlans Limerick is proud to be the premium BMW retailer in Limerick. Our Service Centre and showroom on the Ballysimon Road, Limerick is a modern first class facility with complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments and our knowledgeable team within create a friendly environment. Our team's aim is to provide an unrivaled level of customer service, starting with your purchase through to maintaining your vehicle throughout its life. Our sales team are fully conversant with all aspects of the BMW range...

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John Greera week ago

Fantastic service here!! Great customer service also from start to finish 👏 And to top it all my BMW was returned to me having been cleaned inside and out!! I was totally delighted and would highly recommend Conlons anytime to anyone. A special mention to the lovely lady I spoke to on the phone.

Massum Zaman4 months ago

I bought an approved car last year and since then I'm having only issues. Drivetrain warning came up within a month after the purchase and a massive loss of power. I bought the car to them and they said its a sensor. But it came back within a week again they mentioned sensor issue. These are not the two times I went back to them for drivetrain issue. It appear several times and this year they are saying that the DPF is blocked which cause an issue to turbo and they are not under warranty. I could understand that the DPF is serviceable is not under warranty but the turbo is under warranty. Now they denied to fix the turbo because of DPF. The car didn't give me any warning and I never got proper information prior to the last time. Every time I had been told that the problem is fixed. Such a shame. I would give zero star if I could.

Deirdre Russell3 months ago

Took my BMW 2017 330e to Conlon’s in the last few weeks to identify a fault with the PHEV Battery system, as it failed to charge when plugged in. Unluckily for me Conlon’s had no such issue with their charging mechanisms and I was presented with a bill for diagnostics that ran to 300.00. After a lot of head scratching from their end I was then given a quote for 2,500.00 to replace what’s called a ‘KLE’ Unit? Current and future purchasers of BMW EVs and PHEVs beware, BMW state in their T&C’s that there is a 6 year warranty on the high voltage battery for vehicles with less than 100,000km, however this inexplicably does not extend to any of the apparatus used to physically charge the battery and the warranty wording is sufficiently vague for them to reject most battery faults other than the actual cell degradation. After some internet searching this ‘KLE’ unit appears to be a common issues with BMW EVs and PHEV’s and If your car is over 3 years old then it is completely at the discretion of BMW whether or not they will contribute in full or part to your repair through what they call ‘Good Will’. The BMW forums far and wide cite this as a known manufacturing fault yet there is no blanket policy within BMW to replace the component when a fault occurs. This electronic unit is not a serviceable part but they will wriggle out of addressing the issue if they believe the car was serviced outside their network at any stage in its history. My car was serviced independently prior to me purchasing it and this it appears is the reason why Conlon’s and BMW outright declined to help me. I have been a customer of Conlon’s for the last number of years and had a major repair to my previous BMW 320D that cost over 1,000 euros, sadly past allegiance by the individual matters little.

Stuart Muir3 weeks ago

Great experience - thanks Luke, Kevin and team!

Hannah Tonera week ago

Left a car in for recall, came out with a engine warning light which now fails at NCT. Asking for €180 for diagnosis and €2000 repair bill.

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