How to buy or sell a car safely

WarningScam Email and Texts Currently in Circulation

We have been made aware of an email being sent to our customers containing a fraudulent link that leads to a fake version of the log-in page. The content of the email is as follows - Congratulations, You have a request from Thomas Livingston to buy your Ad. Click Here to view your request.

Please be aware that we would not ask you to, or advise you to, log into your account via a link and no genuine interested buyer has any legitimate reason to send you a link of any kind or to ask you to contact them at a direct email address. If you have already logged into your account via the link you will need to change your account password ASAP. In addition, if you use the same password to log into any other accounts - such as your email or PayPal accounts, for example - you should change those passwords also, ensuring that you do not use the same password for multiple accounts in future.

Buy and sell with confidence

Buying or selling a car should be a pleasant, hassle-free experience, and at we do everything we can to make sure that's the case. Our handy hints and tips will ensure you stay safe online, whether you're buying or selling a car.

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Secure Payments
  • We advertise cars on our website
    But we don't own, buy or sell any of the vehicles advertised on our website
  • doesn't offer any kind of shipping service for vehicles
    Never send money for a vehicle you haven't seen
  • doesn't provide or recommend any payment services
    or get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers

It is important to be vigilant when buying a vehicle online. There are a few indicators to look out for:

  • Is the price of the vehicle much lower than other vehicles of similar year/models?
  • Can you speak with the seller?
  • Be aware of emails which request your personal information - it could be a scam.
  • Don't hand over any money before you've seen the car
  • will never ask for your personal details via email
  • Only arrange to view the vehicle at the sellers home address
  • If you have any queries about a seller that you think may be suspicious please contact us by clicking on 'Report this advert' at the end of any advert.
  • Never click on a link that has been emailed to you if you do not know/trust the source.
  • Never let a buyer test drive your car alone. Take the keys out of the ignition and keep hold of them when swapping seats.
  • Avoid letting the car go before receiving full payment into your bank account and make sure it's available to use - check with your bank first.
  • If you have any queries about a buyer that you think may be suspicious please contact us and let us know.
  • Never click on a link that has been emailed to you if you do not know/trust the source

Other places to go for advice

You'll find lots of tips and advice to help you buy or sell a car in this section. However, there are many other organisations and industry bodies that can also provide help:

  • Ask Carzone provides free motoring advice to help you make an informed decision when buying or selling a vehicle.
  • The NCA provides information on consumer rights, personal finance and consumer laws and defends consumer interests in Ireland.
  • provide vehicle history checks to help consumers and dealers make an informed and secure choice when purchasing a used vehicle.

Who's your buyer?

If you're contacted by a company promising to buy your car or claiming to have buyers ready and waiting, beware.

These are usually scams - some even use the name to appear legitimate.

Safe Payments

No matter whether you're buying or selling, a smooth payment is the best way to end a successful transaction.

Whatever method of payment you choose, never send money for a vehicle you haven't seen.

Payment Advice

Smishing & Phishing

Phishing is a way of trying to obtain your personal information and log in details.

Short for "SMS phishing", SMiShing is a security attack in which the user is tricked into downloading some type of malware onto their phone or mobile device via a text message.


Online Scams

Just like every part of the internet, the world of buying and selling cars can attract fraudsters. So you don't get taken in read this information and learn how to stay safe online, how to spot a scam and the warning signs to look out for.

Common Scams

Checking a vehicle

Once you've found a car you like, it's important you spend some time checking it over.

Make sure you know what to check and where you can get further information.

Vehicle Advice