Volkswagen ID.5 preview

Here’s the preview of the 2022 Volkswagen ID.5.

What’s this?

This is the Volkswagen ID.5, the slightly more rakish coupe-roofed alternative to Volkswagen’s ID.4 crossover, which is currently Ireland’s best-selling electric car. Although, because of that roofline, it’s expected to be a little less spacious and practical than the ID.4. Nonetheless, it should offer a broadly similar package, based as it is on the same architecture and will likely feature a similar line-up of batteries and motors - Volkswagen hasn’t revealed a huge amount of detail on it yet.

What are its rivals?

The ID.5’s biggest rival is probably its own sibling, the ID.4. Other Volkswagen Group rivals include the Skoda Enyaq iV with which the ID.5 shares underpinnings and powertrains. This is a really hot sector of the market right now though, so there’s competition galore in the forms of the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, Ford Mustang Mach-E and a whole host of others to contend with.

Any tech info?

Indications suggest that, when it comes to the infotainment system and other tech, the ID.5 is probably going to be pretty similar to the ID.4, including the same digital instrument cluster and ten-inch touchscreen. Also available will be VW’s latest augmented-reality head-up display and new “Hello ID” voice control system.

Certain models at least will have “Car-To-X” communication, which means that the ID.5’s onboard systems will be able to receive automatic warnings about hazards in the road ahead, such as an accident, or slippery surfaces. The car’s systems will be able to update themselves over the air too.

What will range be like?

Slightly better than the ID.4 thanks to that lower roofline, according to Volkswagen. Although the company hasn’t released much information on the ID.5 yet, it has said a couple of things about the range-topping GTX model that made its debut at the 2021 Munich Motor Show. It promises a one-charge WLTP range of 497km from the GTX’s 77kWh battery, which is a fraction more than the ID.4 manages. Power comes in the form of twin electric motors delivering 299hp to all four wheels.

When the ID.5 goes on sale next year, it’ll likely feature a wider range of models than just the GTX. Expect a single-motor, 204hp, real-wheel-drive version with the 77kWh battery pack as well as possibly a version with a 58kWh battery pack, a 150hp motor and 340km of range. Volkswagen hasn’t confirmed this yet though, so we await final word.


With the ID.4 and ID.3 both currently Ireland’s best-selling electric cars, the ID.5 will add some extra appeal and choice to VW’s electric line-up and help it to keep its offering fresh. With the coupe roofline, it’s not yet clear how much space the ID.5 will lose compared to the ID.4’s 543-litre boot, though some sources suggest that it could be as much as 100 litres. The choice between the two comes down to one of buyer priorities and preferences.

There’s no mention from Volkswagen yet on projected pricing.

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