These are the most asked questions by Irish motorists during lockdown

Our motoring expert is on hand throughout lockdown to answer any questions you have about your car and driving during COVID-19.

Since the first restrictions started in March there has been plenty of uncertainty across the country about motoring and what you can and cannot do. From NCT to car servicing and whether or not you can buy a car, we really did not know where we stood.

Luckily our motoring expert was on hand throughout lockdown to answer any questions you have about your car and driving during COVID-19.

These are the most asked questions on Ask Carzone during lockdown so far and the answers we provided for each.

Question: Are NCT centres open during Level 5 restrictions?

Answer: The NCT service is deemed an essential service and customers travelling for scheduled appointments are exempt from the travel restrictions. All NCT centres are fully operational and customers should attend for their scheduled appointment as arranged. For more information visit

Question: Will cars be more affordable after COVID-19?

Answer: There will certainly be lots of deals in terms of new car sales with manufacturers pushing their 202 offers and upcoming 211 offers. In terms of used car sales, I see them holding firm. On top of that, it's now quite expensive to import a car from the UK, so that avenue for increasing supply on the used market is constricted.

Question: How to search for motor homes or campervans on Carzone?

Answer: First do a generic search with things like price and year selected. Then on the next page, there is a search bar at the top that allows you to enter free text to refine your search. The word "camper" brings up the most results. Click here to view  

Question: When should you change your cars timing belt?

Answer: Typically, belts last between 100,000- and 160,000km before needing to be replaced (it varies considerably from engine to engine so don’t take this as an absolute guideline – always check what it should be for your car).  Click here to find out more about timing belts and when to change it

Question: Should I switch to Hybrid?

Answer: Hybrids and plug-in hybrids are very good, but to get their best economy returns, you typically need to be an urban or semi-urban driver; long-distance motoring is not a hybrid’s forte. Click here to find out more about switching to hybrid and view some of the most popular hybrid cars  

Question: How much is my car worth?

Answer: To use our free car valuation tool to find the approximate market value of your car and sell it today with Carzone click here

Question: What are the best family cars?

Answer: Finding the right car for a family with 4 kids can be difficult. Click Here to find out more about family cars and some of the best ones to buy right now.  

Question: Can I sell my car with outstanding finance?

Answer: Depending on the type of finance, and the terms and conditions, you may be able to just give the car back. Assuming you don't actually own the car until the finance is all paid off (again, it depends on the contract you signed), you cannot legally sell the car, so you really need to engage with the lender to come up with a plan.

Question: What is the safest way to pay for a car?

Answer: Electronic payment direct into your bank is the safest way for sure. We've written a feature to help with the whole process of selling a car that you might find of interest:

If you buy a car with outstanding Tax, do we have to pay appears?

You are only liable for tax on the car from the date you took ownership.


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