The Best 202 New Car Offers

Here’s our rundown of the best deals available to new-car buyers at this critical time for the industry.

Following on from the devastation the coronavirus crisis had on the new-car market, the 202-registration period is crucial for the Irish automotive industry. While most manufacturers are running some sort of finance deal or incentive during this time (see their websites for details), we’ve gathered the best deals together for you to peruse right here.

Audi 202 Offers

Audi will offer the A3 from €299 per calendar month (pcm), the A4 from €399pcm and the A6 from €499pcm, all on PCP deals.

BMW 202 Offers

BMW’s offer is a 2.9 per cent APR rate on all petrol and diesel versions of the X-model SUVs, except for the X7 at 5.9 per cent, and also 3.9 per cent APR on the 3 Series and 5 Series families.

Citroen 202 Offers

Citroen has 0 per cent APR on selected models (C1, Berlingo and SpaceTourer excepted, all at 3.9 per cent APR), with the trendy C5 Aircross SUV coming in from as little as €205 pcm under this incentive. There are also scrappage bonuses of up to €4,000 (the Berlingo and C5 Aircross are exceptions to this deal) if you bring an older, polluting car for trade-in.

Citroen Offers 2020

Dacia 202 Offers

Dacia represents great value and there’s a flat 4.9 per cent APR across all finance deals, although a three-month deferred payment ‘holiday’ option makes this offer extra-tempting. All cars must be ordered and registered by July 31, 2020, to qualify.

Ford 202 Offers

Ford has 4.9 per cent APR for finance, plus seven years’ worth of both manufacturer warranty and roadside assistance. There are also registration bonuses of between €500 and €2,500 on the main passenger car model lines.

Ford Finance Offers 2020

Hyundai 202 Offers

Hyundai buyers will get five years’ free servicing, or scrappage and emission-reductions offers of up to €5,000, or 3.9 per cent APR finance on all models.

Jaguar Land Rover 202 Offers

The two luxury British marques are running similar deals, which are 2.9 per cent APR on the Jaguar lines and 3.9 per cent on the Land Rover models. Exceptions to these rules are the I-Pace EV, the Land Rover Discovery and the Range Rover Velar, which all run at 5.5 per cent APR finance.

Kia 202 Offers

Kia has the ‘Flexible Finance Options’ package for the 202 period. That comprises 3.9 per cent APR on PCP deals across the board, but HP can be organised at 0 per cent APR (rising to 3.9 per cent on certain vehicles). There’s also ‘low-deposit HP’, where HP at 4.9 per cent APR can be secured with just a 10 per cent deposit.

Kia Finance Offers 2020

Lexus 202 Offers

Lexus has a €2,000 Hybrid Trade-In Allowance off all of the UX, ES and NX lines, or – alternatively – 3.9 per cent APR for finance deals on the same three models.

MINI 202 Offers

MINI has a flat 2.9 per cent APR rate on finance deals, with the exceptions being the MINI Electric at 4.9 per cent and the MINI Convertible at 5.9 per cent.

Mitsubishi 202 Offers

Aside from 3.9 per cent APR on PCP deals and anything between 0-5.9 per cent APR on HP finance, there are three model-specific deals from Mitsubishi Ireland: 0 per cent APR HP and the free fitment of an €800 Wallbox Pulsar charging point for the Outlander PHEV; or two years’ free road tax on the Space Star; or 2.9 per cent APR on HP or a €2,000 trade-in booster for the L200 pick-up. To qualify for any of these deals, you must order before July 31, 2020.

Nissan 202 Offers

There’s a headline Guaranteed Minimum €3,000 Scrappage incentive on 202-plate Nissans, which rises to €5,000 on selected models, including the Navara light commercial pick-up. There’s also a ‘Subscribe and Drive’ offer, allowing customers to own a new car from €356 pcm without having to pay a deposit, while there’s 0 per cent APR on HP finance for the Micra B-segment hatchback.

Nissan Finance Offers 2020

Opel 202 Offers

Opel has low APR rates, as little as 2.9 per cent, on HP and PCP finance, as well as an offer of three years’ free servicing on top of any deal. You must have your new Opel registered by August 31, 2020, to qualify.

Peugeot 202 Offers

Peugeot’s five-point plan are ‘either/or’ deals but they’re all good. Choose from scrappage trade-in offers of up to €4,000, APR from 3.9 per cent on finance deals, a deposit contribution of €500 on the 308 model line, a five-year warranty and a three-year complimentary service-plan bundle on the 3008 and 5008 SUVs.

Renault 202 Offers

The scheme here is ‘202 Buy Now, Pay Later 3+2+1’. This sees three months of deferred payments on finance deals, 2.02 per cent APR on said finance and €1,000 cashback on all models. Order and register the car by July 31, 2020, to qualify.

SEAT 202 Offers

The Spanish brand is offering 0 per cent PCP finance on all its five model ranges, as well as a three-month payment holiday on this deal, a heavily discounted three-year service plan and online vouchers that can be printed to save another €1,000 (Arona, Ateca, Ibiza and Tarraco) or €3,000 (Leon) on SEAT’s cars. There are also €5,000 scrappage bonuses, which change the PCP contracts to 5.9 per cent APR.

Skoda 202 Offers

Skoda has the same three-month payment holiday option on PCP deals as fellow Volkswagen Group marque SEAT, with APR from 0 per cent on the cars (Fabia, Scala, Octavia and Superb). The more desirable crossovers and SUVs (Kamiq, Karoq and Kodiaq) are offered with 1.9 per cent APR on finance, while three years’ free servicing is provided on all vehicles.

Skoda 202 Offers

Suzuki 202 Offers

Suzuki Ireland simply has 0 per cent APR on finance deals for the Swift, Ignis and Vitara models.

Toyota 202 Offers

Toyota Ireland has come up with finance contributions of up to €3,000 with 3.9 per cent APR on Flex PCP, a trade-in booster of up to €3,000 for those not going down the finance route, and three years’ free servicing as standard for all 202-plate customers.

Volkswagen 202 Offers

Under the headline banner ‘Volkswagen Assurance Plan’, 202-reg customers can opt for 0 per cent APR on PCP finance for selected models, or purchase contributions of up to €2,000, or a discounted service plan at €10 pcm. There is a three-month payment deferral scheme running on all VW’s finance deals.

Volvo 202 Offers

Model-specific deals from the Swedish company, with the XC40 offered with 0 per cent APR PCP and a complimentary Volvo Service Agreement, while the larger XC90 seven-seat SUV has a purchase contribution of €1,500, the €3,093-worth Xenium Pack fitted for just €999, and a complimentary Volvo Service Agreement like the XC40. Register your car by July 31, 2020, to comply.