Parallel Barking? Pull the other one, GM…

Dog parks Opel Corsa using Advanced Park Assist tech; much canine pun-based ‘hilarity’ ensues.

 Oh dear. Now this one takes the (dog) biscuit. Here’s Opel’s UK sister brand, Vauxhall, pulling off a stunt that would make a black Labrador blush. And all to show off some new parking technology on the Corsa.

Gerty the boxer dog was invited to use the new Advanced Park Assist (APA) system, which is now an option on the Corsa range, to park the B-segment hatch in a space on a busy London street.

GM then filmed this debacle and has called the clip… wait for it… Parallel Barking. Of course it has.

Do you want some more bad doggy puns? OK, then, let’s hit you with them. First of all, reference is made to Jeremy Barkson (sigh), then Gerty is said to have executed ‘the paw-fect parallel park’ (groan), before the dog itself is quoted (oh, good grief!) as saying: “People are often worried, even scared of parallel parking, especially if you’ve just passed your test and you’re driving in a busy, built-up area. Through my acting debut in the Corsa with Advanced Park Assist, I’ve demonstrated how this technology can help you find a parking space and steer you into the spot. You’d be barking mad not to try it out.”

So, without further ado, here’s the video of Parallel Barking for you to enjoy. And don’t be ‘ruff’ on the ‘wag’ who thought this crackpot idea up, they were just trying to ‘lead’ by example and they’re sure to be as pleased as ‘pooch’ (we are very, very sorry about this…) with their efforts. Drum roll, ‘fleas’… (OK, we promise we’ll stop now.)

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