MSL to Offer 5 Star Getaway with a new 242 Mercedes-Benz

The MSL Mercedes-Benz 242 Order Event takes place 27th May - 1st June.

MSL Mercedes-Benz will be holding a 242 order event across their 4 mercedes-benz dealerships in Ballsbridge, South Dublin, North Dublin and Cork between the 27th May - 1st June.

During this event you will be able to view and order from the wide range of Mercedes-Benz models including the likes of the C-Class & E-Class Saloons, the all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQ models and new to MSL the smart #1 and smart#3 all-electric city cars. 

Mercedes EQS

As an added bonus, when you order your new 242 Mercedes-Benz during the 242 Order Event, you will receive a luxury 1 night stay at the 5 star hotel Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo.*

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