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7 Seater Cars for Sale in Ireland

Sep 20, 2017

7 Seater Cars for Sale in Ireland

Some families are bigger than others, and one of the biggest things to think about with a large family is transport. Even the shortest trips can be a stressful ordeal when transporting 5 or 6 children. To help you choose the right vehicle for your family’s needs, we have put together an easy guide to choosing the ideal 7 seater car for your family and outlined a list of the most popular models in Ireland.

Which 7 Seater is for you?

Vehicles with 7 Seats are split into two body type categories, the MPV (Multi-Purpose-Vehicle) and the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) When considering which of these body types is best suited to your needs you need to consider a couple things:

  • Do you require the full 7 seats on a regular basis?
  • Will you need boot space or a luggage compartment?
  • Do you prefer the raised driving position of an SUV?
  • What is most important to you, practicality, driving pleasure or both?

Top 10 most popular 7 Seater’s in Ireland

Nissan X-Trail 7 Seat SUV

1.Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail is the brands best selling vehicle world-wide. This SUV is the complete package. You can choose between efficient two-wheel drive and hugely capable four-wheel drive versions - both with an understated, premium style.


7 Seater Kia Sorento

2.Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento opens up a thrilling new chapter in SUV enjoyment. The extra-spacious 7-seater will reward you at every turn. The striking design and cutting-edge technology in the Sorento make each journey as exciting as possible.


Skoda Kodiaq 7 Seat

3.Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq is the brands first car to offer seven seats. Another impressive SUV, the combination of powerful design, generous space and great functionality makes it an ideal companion for larger families.


The Hyundai Sante Fe with seven seats

4.Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is an authentic, energetic 4x4 SUV. As well as boasting a premium and luxurious interior the Santa Fe’s state-of-the-art technologies combine to provide occupants, pedestrians and other road users with the highest levels of safety.


Land Rover DIscovery Sport 7 Seats

5.Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport offers exemplary levels of comfort and outstanding versatility. The third row has been cleverly incorporated to avoid any compromises to the vehicle’s exterior design, whilst maintaining passenger comfort. By folding down the third row, a flat load space is available for whenever you need it.


The new Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

6.Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

The Citroën Grand C4 Picasso gives each family member their own space and comfort. Its bright interior allows passengers to relax and enjoy the ride, with innovative, practical details and a place for everything.


7 Seater Ford Galaxy

7.Ford Galaxy

The Power Raise feature in the Ford Galaxy enables its passengers to fold seats up and down at the press of a button. The interior allows plenty of room to stretch out and relax in a well-appointed, exceptionally comfortable cabin. The optional panoramic roof allows natural light to flood into spacious interior.


Volvo XC90 with seven seats

8.Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 offers premium luxury from every angle, with advanced safety and comfort for all 7 passengers. With unique details like a crystal gearshift lever and ventilated front seats this car is designed around people. Volvo are also very proud of the advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety in this ground-breaking new model. 


Mitsubishi Outlander 7 Seats

9.Mitsubishi Outlander

The Mitsubishi Outlander can adapt to however you want to use it, whether the priority is passengers, luggage or long loads, the Outlander has your back. The Outlander’s AWC (All Wheel Control) 4WD system allows you and your passenger to explore the world off-road.


Renault Grnad Scenic

10.Renault Grand Scenic

The Renault Grand Scenic hosts a beautiful design with clever innovations. The modular layout with 'One-Touch' easy folding rear seats allows plenty of room for 7. To the rear, aviation tables are fitted with elastic straps to allow your passengers to use their tablets in total comfort.