More M50 tolls likely

More tolls are needed along the M50 to combat congestion according to the National Roads Authority (NRA).

The state body responsible for the road network warned that it would take "several years" to implement "effective measures" on the M50 to prevent congestion, and that decisions on traffic controls need to be taken now to discourage use of Ireland's busiest road.

The NRA proposes doing away with the single tolling point that has been in existence since the motorway first opened in 1990 in favour of multiple points as used by authorities in Europe and the US. The Department of Transport has ruled out such a move.

The Department has also reiterated the cancellation of the proposed M20 Cork to Limerick motorway despite the NRA stating the motorway was a high priority project. Another high priority target, the proposed Galway bypass, has been put on the back burner due to cost issues, though a similar project in Mallow, Cork could go ahead subject to an economic analysis.

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