Man buys €570,000 Ferrari so he can possibly buy another Ferrari.

Filipino buys an F12 Berlinetta to earn the right to buy a LaFerrari.

Ever since speculators starting snapping up Ferrari F40s for double their list price, before selling them on for a healthy profit, the Italian company has been very selective about who it will sell its most special cars to. All original buyers of the F50 and Enzo were people who were in good standing with the folks in Maranello having owned a few prancing horses cars already.

The same protocol is true for the upcoming LaFerrari, with speculation pointing to prospective buyers needing to own at least five Ferrari models before even being considered worthy for purchasing the latest hypercar.

Which is exactly why a man in the Philippines has just dropped in excess of €570,000 on an F12 Berlinetta. The anonymous buyer is seemingly not that interested in the 740hp V12-engined grand tourer and purchased it merely to curry favour with Ferrari in the hopes it will allow him to buy a LaFerrari. With only 359 of the hypercars being built (one less than they could sell - or so the marketing bluff goes) and plenty of well-heeled Tifosi out there, even his outlay does not guarantee him a slot, but you have to admire the effort!

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