Jaguar XJ delivers curries in Mumbai

It’s Jaguar’s XJ executive versus a Dabbawalla in a challenge we’ve not seen before…

As if we’ve landed in some weird parallel universe where Jaguar’s PR team has never seen the BBC Top Gear: India Special – in which Jeremy Clarkson tried to beat the efficiency of the Dabbawalla Delivery Service in an old XJS – here’s a big, luxurious XJ delivering curries in a race across Mumbai.

Yes, that’s right: Jaguar has given us the Dabbawalla Delivery Challenge, in which one Dabbawalla reclines in leather-lined luxury in the back of an XJ, while the other has to use his traditional transportation methods of a bicycle and train.

Dabbawallas are used by workers across the Indian metropolis, as they deliver small ‘tiffins’ or ‘dabbas’ of home-cooked food to offices city-wide. The system is a marvel of the business world, because – despite the lack of a sophisticated, overseeing IT control system – delivery mistakes are extremely rare; 5,000 of these guys deliver around one million lunches a week, with only one in six million ever going astray.

But of course, Jaguar’s new InControl Touch Pro navigation system should see the XJ win the day. Right? Right?! We mean, surely Jaguar didn’t do this stunt only to lose…?

Watch the video to find out.

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