Carz Show

Carzone Carz Show Season 1 - Episode 3

Feb 14, 2018

In this series, we will celebrate the car and the role it plays in our everyday life by featuring well known Irish ambassadors in a journey across Dublin, testing their car knowledge while they take on random tasks. Stay tuned to see who is crowned champion!

Watch our third episode which features Honda brand ambassador Alison Canavan with Anton Savage taking a drive along Dublin's scenic coastline in the new Honda Civic.

Alison Canavan and Anton Savage 2018

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Car Details:

Model driven: Honda Civic 1.0-litre Petrol Premium 

Prices from: €23,750

Annual Road Tax: €200

Engine: 988cc three-cylinder turbocharged petrol

Power: 129bhp

Top Speed: 203km/h

0-100km/h: 11.2 seconds

Transmission: Manual

Body style: Hatchback