Fiat shows first electric van

Fiat shows first electric van

An electric Fiat Ducato van will go on sale in 2020. It is the company's first electric commercial vehicle and offers business users a new option for operating in smaller towns and cities. The same range of body options will remain available alongside different battery sizes and charging configurations.

The claimed driving range of between 218- and 358 kilometres is based on the older NEDC driving cycle. In the more realistic WLTP test conditions that are now more widely used, this is likely to decrease. Nevertheless, for users that don't usually carry heavy payloads and mostly stick to slower city and urban routes, the Ducato Electric could prove useful.

All Fiat Ducato Electric vans will use a 90kW (122hp) motor that produces 280Nm of torque. To help prolong battery life, the van's top speed is limited to 100km/h. Fiat mentions that it will have "different charging configurations", so it may have both standard and CCS-type fast-charging capabilities. Even with the installation of the battery the Ducato Electric's cargo capacity remains, Fiat claims, as the best in its segment. Load volumes range from 10- to 17 cubic metres, with a maximum payload of 1,950kg.

During the development of the Ducato Electric, Fiat examined 12 months worth of customer data to see how they were using their vehicles. The results indicated that more than a quarter of the market already has a 'BEV attitude' and is ready for a change to electric. The areas that Fiat is likely to specifically target are those with shorter routes, including local transport, home delivery companies, online commerce and postal services.

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