Fiat denies Audi Q2 name

Alfa Romeo won't let Audi use the 'Q2' name for its new SUV.

What's new?

Two of the giants of the automotive world - Volkswagen Group and the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Group - are reportedly at loggerheads over the name of Audi's new baby SUV.

The German firm is planning to build a sub-Q3-sized crossover, which it wanted to call Q2 instead of Q1 to avoid any confusion with the A1 compact hatchback, chiefly because the new baby SUV uses the larger MQB platform rather than the A1's underpinnings.

However, Q2 is a badge owned by Alfa Romeo (it signifies front-wheel drive cars equipped with a limited-slip differential) and according to Audi, despite putting in a request (and the offer of a "significant" amount of money) to FCA for permission to use the Q2 nameplate, it has heard nothing back from the Italians.

Audi has confirmed that the Q1 will go into production at Ingolstadt in 2016.

Is there more?

Added spice to this brouhaha comes courtesy of Volkswagen Group's boss, Ferdinand Piech, being a long-time admirer of the Alfa brand. Rumour has long had it that he'd like to acquire the upmarket Italian marque and bring it into the Volkswagen fold, presumably transforming its fortunes. However, FCA's top boss Sergio Marchionne is defiant and says Alfa Romeo is not for sale. In addition, Audi has apparently not asked to use the Q4 badge, another Alfa property, suggesting any TT-based SUV would be either a Q TT or TT Q.

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