Cocktail Hamper turns Rolls into moving bar

Just 15 of these high-end Cocktail Hampers will be made by Rolls-Royce.

Sometimes, it’s easy to think the carmakers have slipped into dangerous self-parody. Think of Rolls-Royce and you might think of its customers as a bunch of frightful toffs, all enjoying tiffin and various other ghastly high-class things that, to normal people like us, sound weird. We mean, imagine if R-R did something truly vainglorious, like make a limited edition Cocktail Hamper…

Wait, what? It has? Oh, good grief. Yes, here we have an ‘elegant vision’ created to cater for a wide selection of classic and contemporary cocktails. Which we’re sure all drivers love quaffing when on the move, rather than a Costa coffee or a can of Coke.

The hamper was thought up by Rolls-Royce’s accessories designer Sina Maria Eggl, with input from two very high-class UK hotels: The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane. Made from American walnut wood and trimmed in finest natural grain leather, it features all the accoutrements you could need for a good cocktail party: there are tumblers, decanters and a shaker, with the glassware handled by top European outfit Theresienthal, supplier to many continental royal courts; dishes for canapés are included, as are recipe cards and fine cotton napkins in various drawers; strange utensils called things like ‘muddler’ and ‘strainer’ are thrown in, as is a paring knife so you can get the fruit peel just right for the drinks.

The attention to detail on this hamper is extraordinary, too, as various racks, compartments and even a magnetic recessed housing ensure nothing is crashing about in the drinks cabinet as the Rolls-Royce makes its way along the road. The box is even illuminated, so it glows like a cocktail bar when it’s opened.

“Each motor car that we craft represents a deeply personal expression of individual customer tastes and lifestyles. This extraordinary scope for personalisation extends far beyond the car itself through an Accessories Collection, featuring exceptional objects designed to augment the lifestyles of the marque’s customers,” said Gavin Hartley, head of bespoke design for Rolls-Royce. “This beautifully executed Cocktail Hamper illustrates the marque’s intimate understanding of the desires of the most discerning patrons of luxury in the world; Rolls-Royce customers.”

So there you are. Platinum-rimmed glasses, rare wood and finest leather, all used to create a Cocktail Hamper. It really couldn’t be any more Rolls-Royce if it tried. And the price? We dread to think. R-R doesn’t say and as just 15 of the hampers will be made – available through the marque’s 130 worldwide dealerships – you can bet your bottom dollar that it won’t be cheap. How the other half live, eh?


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