Chevy trucks demolish showroom - deliberately

Four Chevrolet trucks assist American dealer’s showroom demolition.

The pickup truck is loved in American for its utility, strength and pulling power. Utah’s John Watson Chevrolet has chosen an unusual way to demonstrate just how much pulling power the trucks it sells have by attaching them to the showroom to assist in its demolition.

Why not you might say, after all what better way to show faith in the ruggedness of your product than having them haul down a building? Four Chevrolet Silverado pickups deal with the building, shrugging off the destructive task with a cloud of tyre smoke, the sound of engines and a whooping cameraman. What could be more American than that?

While there’s no doubt the Silverados played their part in the demolition process the destruction of the dealership’s canopy does reveal an orange excavator working behind. Even so, it’s all good, honest fun, and great use of what you’ve got to hand. Given the gargantuan scale of the trucks and the tiny building they’re pulling down John Watson Chevrolet’s showroom was well overdue a rebuild, too. If you’re after a Chevy truck and are in Utah, go visit John Watson, likewise if you’re planning any demolition work...

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