Cartell reveals trends on number of vehicle owners

The majority of vehicles in Ireland are on their first, second or third owners

Vehicle history expert has revealed that there are 18,260 vehicles in Ireland that have 10 owners or more over the course of their lifetime. The highest number of owners recorded for a single vehicle still live in the fleet is 43 owners, an Audi A6. There are 16 vehicles with 26 owners, and a further 6 vehicles have 31 owners.

Of those 18260 vehicles with 10 or more owners, 3,795 are located in Dublin, 2152 in Cork, 920 in Galway, and 867 in Limerick. The majority of vehicles in Ireland are on their first, second or third owners. The graph below documents the number of ownership changes per vehicle in Ireland. It clearly shows the importance of establishing the number of owners when buying a used vehicle. The graph also shows that people do not change their vehicle on a whim as the results show the bulk of vehicle’s are still on their first, second, or third owner.

Ross Conlon, CEO and Group Director New Business at Mediahuis Ireland says: “The number of owners is a data point which some buyers ignore – this is a mistake. A high number of owners can indicate one of several things including mechanical issues with the vehicle, where owners are off-loading a troublesome car, for instance, or, at the very least, a high number of owners points to various different driver-styles which increases the likelihood of wear and tear issues. In the long run it’s best to get a vehicle history check to establish issues like number of owners before you purchase the car.”­