Bizarre dance video launches supercar

This music video by Abby Cubey was used to launch a new 1,228hp supercar. Bizarre and not because of the power output...

It takes a lot of for a niche player in the hyper-car industry to bring a car to the market. Aside from all the boring technical stuff like sourcing an engine, fabricating a chassis and actually building the thing you also have to get the motoring media to pay attention and tell the world about it. American car maker, Mosler, has taken the unprecedented step of commissioning a music video to display its new creation, the Raptor GTR.

The video and accompanying song are by artist Abby Cubey who apparently used the noise made by the visible turbochargers concept as the inspiration for her song 'Feel My Fire'. Frankly Mosler could have done without the expense as the figures pretty much speak for themselves. A twin turbocharged, 7.0-litre V8 producing 850hp; a 0-100km/h time of about 2.5 seconds; a low kerb weight of 1,173kg thanks to extensive use of carbon fibre; and a price tag of $700,000 (€523,000).

Not impressed? Well for an additional l $70,000 (€52,000) Mosler offers what it is calling the Cubey GTR package. This is for owners of the standard car who have completed a performance driving school and see the Raptor's power jump from 850- to 1,228hp.

To go with the power upgrade, the limited edition Cubey GTR features additional cooling and a front end that uses Abby Cubey's eyes as inspiration, which is nice... The upgrade package will be limited to a dozen examples, but those 12 owners will have a car that has more than 1bhp/kg and Mosler says nearly double the power-to-weight ratio of a Bugatti Veyron.

See Abby's music video below - you also get to listen to the noise made by the twin-turbo V8.

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