Audi Ireland launches electric scooter

The Audi eScooter has a top speed of 20km/h and a 65 kilometre electric range

Audi Ireland has launched a new Audi Electric Kick Scooter powered by Segway. With a 65km range from a single charge, the Audi eScooter offers the longest range within its class, while it can fully recharge in six hours. With a 350W motor, the 19.1kg scooter delivers a top speed of 20kph and boasts a convenient folding design. Prices for the Audi eScooter are €999 and it is the latest product to be added to the Audi Genuine Accessories family.

The Electric Scooter has an eco-friendly system in place offering more safety and stability and it includes front and rear LED lights. The electric scooter has two independent and regenerative brakes; a drum brake on the front wheel and an electrical brake on the rear wheel. It also has two 10-inch tubeless tyres which means less maintenance while also offering more comfort and durability. The tyres also have an additional jelly layer to provide a lower puncture risk.

Three driving modes are available including Eco for energy saving and it is a smooth driving model with acceleration that is suitable for beginners. D is the standard drive mode while S offers sport mode which is more powerful and only recommended for skilled riders. A pedestrian mode is also included which makes it more convenient to push

Announcing the launch of the Audi Electric Kick Scooter, Jason Mallon, Head of Aftersales, Audi Ireland said “We are very excited to be launching the Audi eScooter, something that we believe will be much sought after based on customer feedback and the trend towards multimodal mobility. eScooters have become very popular recently and we are thrilled to offer a 65km range which we believe will be very well received. It also comes with a 2 year warranty which provides additional peace of mind. The Scooter will initially be available to purchase on, our Audi Genuine Accessories, parts and merchandise online shop and we aim to get these into dealerships before Christmas.”

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