Your chance to own the last 'real' Lamborghini

Your chance to own the last 'real' Lamborghini

Apr 26, 2013

Exotic French car dealership Autodrome  is selling what is believed to be the last Lamborghini before the Italian super car maker's sale to Audi.

The one-of a kind Pregunta prototype was commissioned and completed months before the Germans entered Sant'Agata and made things all thoroughly reliable and efficient - the one-off car is therefore the last to be constructed with Ferruccio Lamborghini's ethos of bespoke supercar in mind.

Based on the platform of the Diablo the Pregunta (Spanish for 'question') boasts a 530hp V12 engine that sends its power to the tarmac via the rear rather than four wheels of the nineties pin up.  The bodywork comes courtesy of specialist coachworks Carrosserie Heuliez and features, what at the time were, cutting edge technologies like carbon fibre and 'stealth' paint from a Dassault Rafale jet fighter (that same jet the car 'races' in the video below).

The Pregunta did the show rounds, first making an appearance at the 1998 Paris Motor Show before popping up in Geneva the following year - and then disappeared. This unique car can now be yours if you have the €2.1 million asking price burning a hole in your pocket.

Or you could save a few bob and buy a Pagani Zonda, which to our eyes at least, looks remarkably like this forgotten prototype...

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