Video: Ford pick-up parks on Ferrari 458 Italia

Video: Ford pick-up parks on Ferrari 458 Italia

Jan 31, 2011

Imagine you've worked hard for years, saved up your cash, and to reward yourself, you invest in the latest exotic Italian supercars - a Ferrari 458 Italia.

After waiting more than a year for it to arrive, the magical time arrives, and you spend 500 hundred happy miles getting to know your new toy in sunny Florida. All is right with the world.

That idyllic image was shattered for one new owner though, when a bizarre accident left a Ford pick-up truck parked on the bonnet of his pride and joy. We're not sure how it happened - it is reportedly still being investigated - but the Ferrari certainly ended up the worse off of the two.

It'll take more than a polish to get the resulting kink out of the bonnet, but at least it looks repairable. Still, filling out the insurance forms for that one is likely to put a bit of a downer on your day.