Usain Bolt to auction off gold Nissan GT-R

Usain Bolt to auction off gold Nissan GT-R

Oct 23, 2012

Usain Bolt may no longer be able to call himself the fastest man in the world (not after Felix Baumgartner's exploits anyway), but the sprinter is still a multiple record holder and the first athlete to do the sprinting 'double triple' (three medals at two consecutive Olympic games). 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the (former) fastest man in the world likes to drive fast cars and recently signed a deal with Nissan to promote the GT-R coupé as the ludicrously titled 'Director of Excitement.'

As part of the agreement, Nissan created a one of-a-kind GT-R that is painted in a special gold hue with Bolt's signature embossed on the bonnet. The gold GT-R will be auctioned off on EBay later this month with proceeds going towards the Usain Bolt Foundation that works to create educational and cultural opportunities for children in Jamaica.

Additionally, Nissan has announced that Bolt will start work on helping to develop a limited-edition version of the GT-R that will be sold to the public. Details of this project will also be announced at a later stage.

Now that you have all the details, sit back and enjoy the first instalment of Nissan's 'What If' ad campaign featuring Bolt with fellow brand ambassador Mark Webber.

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