Toyotas have the best residuals

Toyotas have the best residuals

Oct 15, 2013

Toyotas have the best residuals

Toyota customers and staff alike are celebrating today with the announcement that Toyota cars are the best performing models for retaining their value. Of the nine categories examined by as part of its extensive examination, Toyota came out tops in seven, including the Yaris having the best residuals in the B-segment and the Avensis being the best performing petrol powered car from the D-segment.

The study analysed the residual values of cars sold in 2010 with a normalised mileage of 50,000km to cover the variances of the 200,000 data points. The analysis came after an exhaustive search of advertised car prices on leading car sales sites such as, and over a two-year period.

Commenting on the study, David Shannon, Managing Director of Toyota Ireland, said: "When it comes to buying a new car, the assessment of true value goes well beyond the initial retail price. People need to consider not only the day to day running costs, but also the total cost of ownership - including what the value of their car is when it comes time to change it."

The seven categories that Toyota vehicles took top honours in are:

• Toyota Aygo ranked first in the A-segment, petrol

• Toyota Yaris ranked first in the B-segment for both petrol and diesel

• Toyota Corolla ranked first of all C-segment petrol passenger vehicles, and Auris ranked first in diesel

• Toyota Avensis ranked first in the D-segment, petrol

• Toyota Verso ranked first in the small MPV diesel segment

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