Toyota teases new baby

Toyota teases new baby

Feb 20, 2014

What's the news?
It's teaser-time again, with Toyota now giving us the barest minimum of detail on its Geneva Motor Show centrepiece - the second-generation Aygo.

As all the Japanese company has told us is that the Aygo will be at 'the heart of the party' come March 4, we're going to have to extrapolate here from another machine being unveiled at the Swiss show - namely, the Peugeot 108. Like the first-gen car before it, the Aygo is a sister car to both the Pug and Citroen's forthcoming C1, so the dimensions will be similarly as diminutive as the 108's. What will change is the front and rear, the teaser photo showing enough of the Toyota's angular front end to suggest it will wear the same sort of face as models such as the latest Auris and Verso.

The word is there'll be a better infotainment system in the Aygo, which, referring back to the Peugeot, probably means the same seven-inch touchscreen interface in the dashboard. No word yet on whether Toyota will also offer the same two body styles as the French firm, as a retractable fabric roof panel will be available on the 108 TOP!.

Three-cylinder petrol engines here, all small and green. The best bit is in the video Toyota has released, in which the leader of the Aygo project says he wanted the car - and I paraphrase here somewhat - to be 'obviously Japanese, aimed at Europeans and fun'. Perhaps Toyota will surprise us all and offer an Aygo Crazy at the top of the range, but we're not holding our breaths.

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