Top 5 scary film cars of all time

Top 5 scary film cars of all time

Oct 31, 2012

Top 5 scary film cars of all time

Yup it's Halloween; that time of year when little ghosts and goblins (Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman in my case) roam our streets in search of sugary treats, and late-night TV is filled with horror movie classics. It is also the time when the team delves into the archives to find the five scariest movie cars. Read on... if you dare muhahahahaha...

5. Dodge Charger from Bullitt (1968)

It was the sight of this menacing R/T 440 Charger looming large in his rear view mirror that caused Steve McQueen to flee and so began the most iconic chase scene in film history. With its hidden headlights the Hemi V8-powered Dodge is scary looking in its own right but when it is loaded with hit men the fear is ramped up.

4. Chevrolet Nova from Death Proof (2007)

Driven by psychopath Kurt Russell, the 1971 Chevy Nova was the last thing seen by a whole host of women as the former stuntman goes on a murderous rampage behind the wheel of his 'Death Proof' car.

3. Lincoln Continental from The Car (1977)

Though it may look more like a Bentley (if you squint) the bad 'guy' from The Car was actually a Mark III Lincoln Continental extensively modified by George Barris, the man who created the original Batmobile. In the film the large coupé mysteriously appears in the fictional town of Santa Ynez, Utah and starts to mow down pedestrians.

2. Peterbilt tanker truck from Duel (1971)

Ok stretching the whole 'car' thing but you certainly do not want to see this Peterbilt 281 in your rear-view mirror. The main protagonist of Steven Spielberg's first feature film is annoyed that it gets passed on a lonely highway in California and begins 74 minutes of what can only be described as road rage to show the passer who is boss.

1.Plymouth Fury from Christine (1983) 

Only one car could top this list; the bloodthirsty 1958 Plymouth Fury that is first seen crushing a Detroit autoworker with its bonnet before choking another with its seatbelt.  

Based on a book by master of gore Stephen King, Christine has a supernatural ability to repair itself after each of its murderous attacks, something that allows its owner to get out of trouble until he, and the car, meet their end. Or do they...