Top 10 motoring gift ideas

Top 10 motoring gift ideas

Dec 23, 2011

Top 10 motoring gift ideas

Satellite navigation

There was a time when satnav units were prohibitively expensive, but not anymore. Available to suit all budgets the latest units can feature live updating to alert you about traffic ahead and direct you around it. 

Halfords satnavs range from €45.90 - €314.99


Pressure washer

With all the madness over Christmas the humble car can sometimes be forgotten and end up looking like a mud-covered reject from a music festival. Treat it to a thorough clean with the latest pressure washers. 

Halfords pressure washers range from €55.99 - €423.99


Cleaning kit

There are some people who enjoy spending time scrubbing and waxing every square inch of their cars over Christmas. We call them dads who are escaping the madness of Wii Sports. They deserve a cleaning kit to help them along. 

Autoglym car cleaning wash gift pack set: €49.99


Experience tickets

Has that petrolhead in your life always wanted to drive a Porsche or Ferrari? A rally or drift car? Or even fancied themselves as an extreme off-roader? Driving experiences are the perfect thing for blowing away the cobwebs after the holidays. 

Mondello Park and Rally School Ireland have different ‘experiences’ that range from

€99 - €850


Alcohol breath tester

You may think you are safe enough to drive the morning after the night before but these little devices will tell you if you are or not. What they won’t tell you is a good excuse to use with the boss when you ring in sick. €79 - €245



Endless hours of clicking together sections of circuit followed by minutes of whizzing around a track at breakneck speeds before spinning off at the corner. It’s a Christmas tradition! Scalextric sets: €44.99 - €574.99


Bavaria City Racing Tickets

On June 3 2012 the Bavaria City race will invade the streets of Dublin with Jenson Button and his Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes F1 at the head of the field. Attendance of the event is largely free but ticket holders do get access to the paddock and special performance zones. 

Ticket prices: €79.50 - €163.90


Car clothing

Nothing says ‘I love you honey’ more than a t-shirt emblazoned with your spouse's favourite car. They might not be stylish in the Paris fashion sense of the word, but we love them nonetheless. T-torque range starts from €20 +shipping.


In-car DVD

More to keep the little petrolheads in the back seat amused than the actual driver but anything that frees a driver from distraction is worth its weight in gold. 

Halfords range of in-car DVD players cost from €59.99 - €169.99


Car book

In between all the madness there is nothing a petrolhead likes better than to retire to the smallest room in the house with a good book for some quiet contemplation. 

You can spend anything you fancy on this!