The new Maserati Kubang

The new Maserati Kubang

Sep 28, 2011

Moving pictures of the next premium SUV to dominate the nation's Premier League carparks

This video is brilliant until 2.07. This is because - cheesy American power-pop aside - it features some of the most beautiful and desirable Maseratis of recent years in all their V8-howling, motorsport-winning, marina-cruising glory.

Then the new Maserati Kubang hoves into view, and it goes a bit downhill.

OK, we're being slightly facetious. But the announcement of a new Maserati should be an unalloyed cause for celebration, and when it turns out to be a premium SUV named Kubang aimed squarely at footballers and the entire county of Cheshire, that's disappointing.

We don't blame them: the Cayenne is the best-selling Porsche by some margin, and its success has dumped millions into the German marque's coffers to ensure a future supply of awesome performance cars.

That's presumably the plan at Maserati, and it's a sensible one. So we'll just have to hang fire for the announcement of the next new Maserati to get our respective roots fizzing.