The coldest camping holiday ever?

The coldest camping holiday ever?

Feb 24, 2015

The coldest camping holiday ever?

 Places you don't want to go camping: anywhere with a civil war going on; venues where there are predatory creatures on the prowl; and the Arctic Circle.

Still, that hasn't stopped Land Rover from hauling an 8.25-metre, 2.5-tonne Airstream caravan (we think they're technically known as trailers, given they're American, but let's be honest, it's just a fancy caravan) more than 4,000 kilometres to the frozen north of our planet.

The hauling vehicle was a Range Rover Sport Hybrid, a diesel-electric motor with a whopping 700Nm of torque, and the journey started at Land Rover's HQ in the English Midlands. The Sport headed off to Mengerskirchen in Germany, where a 'specially winterised' Airstream trailer was waiting.

Then this crazy rig pointed itself north to the cold-weather test centre at Arjeplog, Sweden, before trekking onwards into the Arctic Circle. En route, the team crossed the eight-kilometre long Øresund Bridge from Denmark into Sweden, which was being lashed by the remains of Hurricane Ole, before the Range Rover spent a lot of its time hauling the massive Airstream 684 up and down snowy and often icy hills, and along remote forest tracks in temperatures plunging to minus 22 degrees centigrade. Sounds nice and toasty.

Ben Samuelson, who led the Land Rover team, said: "We were closely watching the long-range weather forecasts before we set off but nothing prepared us for how bad it got. However, time after time, it was only as we got out of the car that we realised quite how treacherous it was outside."

Still, there was a point to this jolly escapade - it proved that the Hybrid is no weak relation when it comes to Range Rover Sports. Phil Talboys, who manages the Arjeplog test facility, added: "The Range Rover Sport Hybrid has gone through the same gruelling test and development regime that all our cars do. This journey just goes to show that the Range Rover Sport Hybrid is pure hybrid - with all the capability and versatility that you'd expect from a Land Rover."

Yes, but we'd still prefer three weeks in the Maldives, thanks. And no caravan.