Sondergard Car Kit By Jesper Hermann

Sondergard Car Kit By Jesper Hermann

Jan 27, 2011

Sondergard Car Kit By Jesper Hermann The Pontiac Solstice, together with its brethren, have long flown into the direction of the sunset after General Motors officially dissolved the brand last year. But even if production of the Solstice and all other Pontiac models have already ceased, it doesn’t mean that you can’t turn the little Pontiac sports car into something completely different.

For that to happen, we may need to start familiarizing ourselves with kit cars. If you haven’t been introduced to that concept, kit cars are basically cars that are purchased and assembled separately. More often than not, cars used for this purpose are those that have already been discontinued – the Solstice qualifies on that regard – and taking the shape and chassis of the kit car while using the same base plate, suspension, engine, and gearbox of the car that was used.

On that note, a Danish company called Sondergard Automotive specializes in producing kit car models and one of their projects is this Pontiac Solstice-based Sondergard kit car concept. Designed by Jesper Hermann of BMW fame, this roadster kit car takes the look of a futuristic sports car that’s been given a vintage feel. Performance specs of the car include a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 265 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of four seconds.

If you wish to avail of this kit car and turn your Solstice – or Opel GT in Europe – into this new-age ‘blast-from-the-past’ roadster, you’re going to need to shell out somewhere between $52,000 to $89,000.

We actually don’t know if this Sondergard kit justifies the expensive price tag, but if money isn’t an issue for you, then you might as well take the adventurous route and turn your Solstice into this eye-catching roadster.