Smart ForSpeed concept

Smart ForSpeed concept

Feb 21, 2011

Smart ForSpeed concept Not every future Smart model is in trouble of vanishing – some will never see the light of production. To wit, Daimler's minicar maker is bringing an all-electric, roofless version of the Smart ForTwo to the Geneva Motor Show, and the Forspeed concept looks surprisingly similar to the the Smart Speedster we got a peek at a few weeks ago.

Overall, the Forspeed echos the Smart Crossblade that was made in limited numbers in the early 2000s. Just to emphasize that the Forspeed is a pure concept, it comes equipped with some interesting taillights, no external door handles and since it's sans-roof, there's a toneau cover that can either coat the entire interior or just the passenger side if you get caught in the rain.

The Forspeed's 41-hp electric motor can yawn the car all the way up to 37 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds and provide a top speed of 75 mph. That's not excatly "speedy" as the name implys, but the boost button you see on the dash offers another seven ponies. More important is the ED part of the clumsy "ForspeED" name; it refers to the Electric Drive powertrain that we also find in the Fortwo ED. At least the concept hits 37 mph a second sooner than the standard Fortwo ED.

The range for the Forspeed is estimated to be 85 miles, with an 80-percent charge possible in 45 minutes. This is most likley under DC fast charging conditions, but we're not sure. We'll make sure to get more info when we're on the ground in Geneva.