Skoda blings up its crossover thanks to MTV spoof

Skoda blings up its crossover thanks to MTV spoof

Apr 13, 2012

Pimp My Ride, MTV’s excuse for a petrolhead reality TV show where crusty Citroens and Rusty Rovers are turned into gleaming babe magnets, has a lot to answer for.

Not only did the UK version give Radio presenter Tim Westwood another platform to mouth off on, but the US series even spawned a 'Trick my Truck' spin-off. Never one to take itself too seriously (remember its Fabia made of cake advert?) Skoda has jumped on the bandwagon and used the series to help launch it’s a new version of the Yeti crossover.

In the spoof video rapper Xhibit is presented with a faceless hatchback and knit-wear clad owner pleading for his ride to be pimped. Czech Coasts Customs gets to work chopping the roof, lowering the suspension and installing some new seats. Cut to a car beneath a sheet, which is lifted to reveal not some 'blinged' hatchback, but a brand new Skoda Yeti. Very (or 'simply' in Skoda’s case) clever.

Mr Xzibit then goes on to show the owner around, highlighting the panoramic roof and clever seating arrangement before he drives off in his new pride and joy. Quite a transformation we’re sure you’ll agree, but it all becomes clear in the last scene - showing that these Yetis aren’t customised by MTV’s best, but arrive fresh and funky direct from the factory.