SEAT's scary simulator

SEAT's scary simulator

Mar 21, 2014

Given that it is about to launch its most powerful, fastest-ever car onto the world, Spanish carmaker SEAT has pulled off a fantastic stunt involving two blokes who we can only assume are a little bit gullible.

The car in question is the Leon Cupra, the latest in a long line of hot hatches to wear the badge, which is a portmanteau of the words 'Cup' and 'Race' - this is to emphasise the sporty nature of the Volkswagen Golf-derived hatchback.

Leon Cupras have built up something of a loyal following over the 15 years since the first one appeared and as such, fans of the brand were invited to participate in an 'extreme simulator' experience on an unspecified dockside, as a kind of sneak preview of what the car is capable of.

One lucky pair got to have a go in this simulation machine, but somehow managed to miss the fact they were ushered into the inner workings of the 'ride' through a car's rear door...

And as the man at the end of this video says, WTF indeed.

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