Rider-less quad bike in Russia

Rider-less quad bike in Russia

Oct 19, 2012

There must be something in the air at the moment. The success that Felix Baumgartner enjoyed throwing himself down from space and skydiving back to earth, breaking the speed of sound in the process, appears to have rubbed off on the planet’s wanabe daredevils.

Of course not all have been quite so successful, as one quad-bike riding risk-taker found out to his downfall. Seemingly coming from the world of the 'dashcam', Russia, this video proves why it’s never a good idea to show off in front of a crowd. Unlike that famous scene from the Inbetweeners series though, this incident doesn’t just leave him with a red face, but a rather red behind too.

Mid-way through pulling his wheelie, it looks like the rider is going to take the glory, rolling on his rear rims, but instead of being met with rapturous applause from the on-looking crowd he’s treated to a taste of tarmac instead.

After hitting the deck, first landing on his rear, then flipping painfully onto his knees it’s what happens next that makes this video comedy gold - the bike continues without him. The resulting chase on foot as it careers down the road is worthy of the best Hollywood slapstick movie scenes, helped in no small way by the excellent choice of backing music. It may not be big, it may not be clever and it’s certainly not as exciting as Felix’s feat, but this clip is without doubt a whole lot funnier.