Renault names new crossover

Renault names new crossover

Jan 28, 2015

Renault names new crossover

What's new?

Renault is due to reveal a new C-segment crossover on February 2nd 2015 and it has announced that its name will be Kadjar.

Before you go scratching your heads trying to work it out, 'Kad' is inspired by 'quad', to represent a four-wheeled, go-anywhere vehicle, while 'Jar' comes from the French words 'agile' and 'jaillir', which apparently respectively represent agility (funny, that) and 'suddenly emerging from somewhere'. Well, quite.

Is that all?

Renault says the name sounds exotic and the initial 'K' hints at the robustness of the crossover. It also says the moniker fits in with the company's existing B-segment nameplate, Captur, and Renault will be doing a big social media teaser campaign prior to its launch under the Twitter hashtag #KADJAR.

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