Real-word economy from Peugeot

Real-word economy from Peugeot

Nov 27, 2015

Real-word economy from Peugeot

We all know that the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) fuel consumption figures are wildly optimistic in terms of the real economy drivers will see day-to-day - well, pleasingly, Peugeot, as part of the PSA Group, has agreed to publicise real-world economy numbers by spring next year.

Each of Peugeot's main passenger vehicles will undergo tests on open public roads surrounding Paris, with urban, extra-urban and highway driving all incorporated. Along with the NGO Transport & Environment - a Europe-wide green transport campaign organisation - these figures will then be published, rather than the NEDC numbers.

And Peugeot will go a step further in spring 2017, making all its real-world pollutant levels (including nitrogen oxides, or NOx) on Euro 6.2 vehicles public knowledge as well.

Carlos Tavares, chairman of the PSA Group, said: "This innovative initiative is a clear demonstration that a carmaker and independent NGOs can reach agreement for the benefit of customer information. This will also highlight the advanced technologies that PSA is developing to contribute to fuel efficiency."

Jos Dings, director at T&E, said: "Real world measurements of CO2 emissions and fuel economy will help drivers choose the most efficient models benefiting consumers, public health and the environment. We are confident that the work we plan to undertake with PSA can generate transparent robust results that everyone can rely on."

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