Peugeot's new 'scrappage'

Peugeot's new 'scrappage'

Apr 29, 2015

Peugeot's new 'scrappage'

What's new?

Interested in a new Peugeot? Good news for you then, as Gowan Distributors Limited - Ireland's Peugeot importer - has announced details of a new 'Trade-In-Ability' promotion that offers up to €4,500 off a new model.

Let's get the tiny bits of bad news out of the way first: if your heart is set on a 108 or RCZ, you are out of luck, as these two are the only Peugeot passenger cars exempt from the deal; and the car you are trading in needs to be registered in or before the year 2007.

Some of the offers are as follows: the 208 is on offer with a scrappage allowance of €3,000; the 2008, 308 hatchback or SW, and the 508 saloon or SW are all available with €3,500 off; the 3008 crossover has an allowance of €4,000; and the 5008 seven-seat MPV tops the lot, with a scrappage allowance of €4,500.
Full terms and conditions of the Trade-In-Ability deal can be found on

The official word:

Des Cannon, managing director at Gowan Distributors, said: "Together with extremely competitive finance offers - 3.9 per cent Peugeot Passport PCP or 4.9 per cent APR on HP finance - plus a five-year extended warranty offer across the Peugeot car range, the Peugeot Trade-In-Ability scrappage offer is incredible value for those who wish to trade in their existing 2007 or older model against a new Peugeot passenger car."