Peugeot Hybrid4 Worlds first diesel hybrid

Peugeot Hybrid4 Worlds first diesel hybrid

Sep 28, 2010

Peugeot Hybrid4 Worlds first diesel hybrid

The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4, the world's first diesel hybrid vehicle, will be unveiled at the International Paris Motor Show this September. Peugeot's HYbrid4 technology brings together the brand's best technologies and experience: HDi diesel engines, electric vehicle knowledge, latest-generation Stop & Start and electronically-controlled manual gearboxes. The 3008 Hybrid4 Crossover combines a 2.0 litre diesel 163bhp engine and a 37bhp electric motor to give a maximum power of 200bhp, whilst only consuming an average of 3.8 litres / 100km (74.4 MPG) of fuel and emitting 99g/km of CO2. This represents a staggering reduction of 35% compared to a combustion engine.

Peugeot's revolutionary Hybrid4 technology is the first in the world to combine a HDi diesel engine and an electric motor. A diesel engine by its very nature remains the most efficient choice to power any vehicle: the HDi diesel engine offers a 30% reduction in fuel consumption compared to a petrol engine. In the 3008 Hybrid4, the HDi diesel engine is mated to an electronically-controlled manual six-speed sequential gearbox, offering further significant savings in fuel consumption, compared to a traditional automatic gearbox.

While the car is being driven by the diesel engine, the electric motor becomes a generator and enables kinetic energy created by the vehicle during deceleration and braking to be transformed into electrical energy to recharge the Ni-MH batteries. A Stop & Start system automatically places the HDi diesel engine in standby when stationary and restarts the engine in electric mode when pulling away. The electric motor comes to life as lower power is needed when driving at low speed or decelerating.

The two power sources complement each other with a "boost" effect during hard acceleration. The maximum combined power output is 200 bhp, 163 bhp from the 2.0 litre HDi FAP diesel engine and 37 bhp from the electric motor. The performance of the two engines combined is directly comparable to that of a single HDi diesel engine with a much higher capacity, with the added benefit of reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (around 35 % less in the combined cycle for equivalent performance).

High performance from the two drivetrains is enhanced by a choice of four different operating modes: ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle), Four-wheel drive, Auto and Sport. In "Auto" mode the entire system is automatically controlled and optimises fuel consumption. The "ZEV" mode (Zero Emission Vehicle) accesses the all-electric mode for urban use. In Four-wheel drive mode (4WD) the rear wheels are driven by the electric motor and the front wheels by the HDi diesel engine. The 4WD mode, at low speed, allows "all-terrain" capabilities equivalent to those of an SUV. The Sport" mode combines both the diesel engine and the electric motor to offer a more dynamic performance.

A 7' 16/9 colour screen or a multi-function display, according to the car's specification informs the driver in real time of the operating status of the hybrid power train. It shows operating times in different modes and the status of the battery charge.

The installation of the vehicle's electrical components at the rear has a number of advantages. It avoids the need for any major redesign of the vehicle's engine compartment and improves weight distribution. It also means HYbrid4 technology can easily be applied to future models: 508, RCZ.

The layout of the Hybrid4 system allows for everything to be controlled electronically by wire, with no mechanical links between the front and the rear drivetrains. There are therefore no structural constraints affecting the layout of the passenger compartment.

To develop its HYbrid4 technology, the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group has teamed up with suppliers offering the best expertise in each field. BOSCH has provided its expertise with respect to the electric motor, the power electronics, the reversible high-voltage alternator / generator and other systems managing the dialogue between these components, (ABS and ESP). SANYO has provided its extensive knowledge in the field of Ni-MH high-voltage batteries.

Speaking at the unveiling in Paris, Mark Hayes, Marketing Manager said, "The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 is a hugely exciting product. A World First, this revolutionary technology brings together unrivalled performance and driving enjoyment, with very low CO2 emissions. Peugeot's new diesel hybrid demonstrates that 4x4 and environmental-friendliness are no longer contradicting terms."

The Peugeot 3008 Crossover was chosen as the first application of this innovative technology and proudly wears the Marque's new Lion badge, unveiled in January. The 3008 HYbrid4 will be produced in Sochaux and Mulhouse, France and will be launched in Europe next spring and from late summer 2011 in Ireland.