Nissan to join the world of wearable tech

Nissan to join the world of wearable tech

Sep 24, 2013

Nissan to join the world of wearable tech

Samsung may have got the drop on Apple in terms of 'smartwatches', but it looks as if the next entrant into the world of wearable technology may be a car manufacturer rather than the Cupertino behemoth.

Nissan recently announced that it is working on a Nismo branded smartwatch, designed to improve the performance of drivers of Nissan's fastest cars. Nissan says the Nissan Nismo Concept Watch will connect a driver to the car and provide drivers with real-time biometric data such as heart rate, brain activity and body temperature.

Available in three colours - black, white and the flagship black and red - the Nismo Watch will also connect drivers to social media via Nissan's proprietary Social Speed software. Powered by a lithium battery that is said to provide enough juice for seven days of usage the Nismo Watch can be charged by micro-USB.

Nissan says the watch design was inspired by the Nismo ring, the user interface can be controlled by two buttons and is secured via a simple snap-fit mechanism. Possibly even more interesting is the news that the box the watch is supplied in is made from rubber scraped from Nissan's racetrack - talk about pub bragging rights!

No word yet on price or availability but could this be the beginning of car manufacturer branded smartwatches? We quite like the sound of an Aston Martin timepiece...

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